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Pedicure Treatments

History of Pedicure

The actual word “Pedicure” comes from the Latin “Ped” meaning foot and “Cúra” meaning cure.

Throughout history nail care/ foot care has always been prominent across many cultures:

  • 5000 years ago, nails started to be adorned and coloured in India using Henna. Babylonian noblemen used solid gold tools to perform pedicures and manicures on themselves.
  • In China (3000BC), painted and well groomed nails were part of a social status, higher class nobles and royals were typically seen with their nails painted either red or black.
  • Evidence of professional foot care can also be seen I ancient Egyptian carvings (2400BC), where bas-relief carvings depict people working on both hands and feet.
  • Evidence of foot care is also present in the works of Hippocrates, whom identified corns and calluses and how to remove them. Hippocrates even designed an early version of a skin scraper (very similar to a modern day scalpel) which was designed to remove those harder skin areas on the feet.
  • Pedicures and foot health care treatments saw a major growth around the year 2000 when foot care started to become ever more in demand for both health and beauty reasons.
  • Today we see a growing industry of pedicurists, foot health practitioners and chiropodists.
  • The industry has made a lot of changes over the years, so the next question we should ask is why? The industry is changing because we not only want to look good, but we have begun to realise how important it is to stay healthy and take care of ourselves.

Our Pedicure Services

Mini Pedi (Shape & Paint)

This mini pedi treatment involves a simple shape, paint and moisturise using luxurious pedicure products. Treatment time: 25mins

Basic Pedi

Our basic pedi treatment treats your feet to a heavenly foot soak, cuticle removal, nail shape, hard skin removal, leg and foot massage and polish. Treatment time: 45 mins

Luxury Pedi

During this treatment you will receive all of the above plus a wonderful foot exfoliant, foot mask. Treatment time: 1hr

Super Luxury Pedi

All of the above plus a Gel Polish treatment Treatment time: 1hr 30mins – 2 hrs

We will also provide Nail art with treatments for an additional charge.

Callus Peel

A treatment that everyone will adore, the blade free removal of hard skin on your feet, if you want to get your feet summer ready, then this is the treatment for you. Treatment time: 1hr

All treatment times listed are approximate and your appointment may be shorter or longer, so the above times should be used as a guide only.


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