History of Manicures

The actual word “Manicure” comes from the Latin “Manus” meaning hand and “Cura” meaning care.

Throughout history nail care/ hand care has always been prominent across many cultures.
Some of these include:

  • 5000 years ago in India, nails were adorned and stained using Henna. Babylonian noblemen used solid gold tools to perform manicures and pedicures on themselves.
  • In China (3000BC), painted and groomed nails were part of a social status, higher class nobles and royals were typically seen with their nails painted either red or black.
  • Evidence of manicures can also be seen in ancient Egyptian carvings (2400BC), where bas-relief carvings depict people working on both hands and feet.
  • Roman soldiers (commanders) also painted their nails to match their lips before they went into battle.
  • The first ever nail polish came from America in 1917 and it was a blush pink colour.
  • Manicure treatments saw a major growth around the 1920’s and started to become ever more in demand for both health and beauty reasons.
  • Today we see a growing industry of manicurists and nail art technicians, the industry is constantly going through changes and adding new and exciting technology but a good manicure acts as a foundation to most new treatments.

Our Manicure Services:

Shape & Paint
This simple treatment allows you to have beautifully shaped & polished nails when you don’t have the time for a full manicure. Treatment time: 25mins

Basic Manicure
This wonderful treatment using our Ark Skincare products gives you a relaxing hand soak, cuticle removal, hand and arm massage and shape & paint. Treatment time: 40mins

Luxury Manicure
This luxury treat pampers your hands using the very best products. You will receive a relaxing hand soak, cuticle removal, hand mask, hand exfoliant, hand & arm massage and shape & paint. Treatment time: 1hr

Super Luxury Manicure
This wonderful treatment puts you into pure hand and feet heaven, during this treatment you will receive our Luxury Manicure treatment + Gel Polish application. Treatment time: 2hrs

All treatment times listed are approximate and your appointment may be shorter or longer, so the above times should be used as a guide only.


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